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Wren Carver is one of the protagonists of Costume Quest. She is a brazen girl and the de facto leader of the group of friends consisting of herself, her brother Reynold, Lucy, and Everett. Together with her friends, Wren dons enchanted costumes to protect the town from the Repugnians.


Wren is tomboyish girl who is determined to beat the monsters no matter what. This causes her to sometimes be selfish and impulsive. Such as towards Reynold, she's very brave and loves to win. Despite her attitude, she's actually really empathetic. Especially towards Norm even though she has trouble with it at first.

She also doesn't take insults and secrets really well, she blew a gasket when she learned Norm was a monster and doesn't take Roody Tootz insults well. She's someone who doesn't forgive easily but once she does, she forgives but doesn't forget.


Wren has short brown hair with a purple clip. She wears a jean jacket above her purple dress and black stockings. She also has purple sneakers with fair skin. Although in some episodes, her stockings are more of a dark green than black.


Model sheets[]


  • Unlike Lucy and Everett, she's right handed.
  • Compared to all her friends, she's the most protective of their costumes.