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The Wolfman is a costume in Costume Quest 2. When upgraded, it is referred to as the Teen Wolfman.

Obtaining the Wolfman costume will give the player the Cryptozoologist achievement.



The Wolfman costume is obtained through the sidequest Creepy Cryptid. This sidequest is started by speaking to a Trowbog noticing some scratch marks, next to the ladder leading into New Repugia (East Side). The player must follow the claw marks, using the Wizard's glowstick ability to light up the tracks. After following the tracks to a rooftop, the player will meet a kid in a Wolfman costume, who will give the costume to them for free.

In Battle[]

Wolfman's standard Claw Attack will inflict a status ailment known as "scratched". After each round, a scratched enemy will take 6 points of damage. After upgrading to Teen Wolf, this increases to 11 points of damage.

Night Terrors[]

[Teen] Wolfman whips himself into a frenzy and heads towards an unfortunate enemy leaving lasting damage.


The Teen Wolfman is required for part of the sidequest to obtain the Solar System costume. Beyond that, it has no exploration abilities.



  • The Wolfman is one of two costumes in Costume Quest 2 to not be required to complete the story, the other being the Solar System.
    • Both costumes are also obtained without a costume pattern.
  • The Wolfman is listed before the Pharaoh costume in the notebook, despite the fact that the Pharaoh is required to obtain the Wolfman costume.

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