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The Wizard is a costume in Costume Quest 2. When upgraded, it is referred to as the White Wizard.



  • The Costume Pattern is received from Naomi, a girl standing outside of Everett and Lucy's house.
  • The Robe is inside a treasure chest further down the street, guarded by a Savage Snail.
  • The Glowstick is inside a treasure chest behind a house in the upper left corner of the map, near a piñata.
  • The Cotton Balls are located in the backyard of Wren and Reynold's house, at the bottom of the map.

In Battle[]

The standard Lightning Attack will deal damage to one enemy, and deal damage equal to 20% of the main attack to all other enemies on the field. (Before applying strength/weaknesses against certain enemies)



The Wizard's Glowstick ability is used to light dark passages in the sewers of New Repugnia. It can also be used to search an area for hidden clues.

The Glowstick ability is required to search for paw prints leading away from scratch marks in a sidequest to obtain the Wolfman costume.



  • When using the Glowstick ability, the other characters in the player's party will raise their arms as well.
  • If the player has all of the Wizard's costume pieces before obtaining the pattern, Naomi will comment on her surprise when they change into the costume right away.
  • The upgrade to the White Wizard is likely a reference to Gandalf the White from the Lord of the Rings series.
  • The Wizard can be considered to be a counterpart to the Space Warrior. Both use the Glowstick as their exploration ability, and both reference popular film franchises. (Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, respectively)
  • The wizard costume Reynold Carver wears in Secrets and Lies might be based on this costume.

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