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"The Keychain to My Heart" is the first half of the fourth episode of Costume Quest. It premiered on March 8, 2019.


Everett makes it his mission to become better friends with Lucy while a diabolical Repugnian scheme threatens to shut down Nougatown's famous Steel Dragon roller coaster.


The episode opens with the four friends waiting in line for the Nougatown amusement park. While Wren reminds them that their purpose is to check for monsters, all the kids are excited to have fun at the park. The park opens at last, announcing that anyone in costume gets a free front-of-the-line pass, though everyone attending is in Abe Lincoln Jr. costumes.

As they enter, Wren and Reynold begin to squabble about the best approach to the park- Reynold wants to begin at the Fun House and work up to the front, while Wren insists on riding the Steel Dragon coaster first. Left behind with Lucy, Everett attempts to make conversation, which ends uncomfortably. Everett laments this fact to Reynold, who writes it off as simply being awkward, but Everett worries that this awkwardness will affect their relationship as teammates. Everett decides that the best way to become BFFs with Lucy is to get a keychain photo of them laughing on the coaster, just like he did with Wren and Reynold.

Setting his plan into motion, Everett takes Wren's usual spot next to Lucy, attempting to talk with her about bizarre scientific subjects like bottling bad breath or grasshopper overpopulation. To his dismay, Lucy is just confused by his attempts, and isn't delighted by the time the BFF Cam takes their picture.

A strange slime begins to coat the gears of the track, stopping the cart in place. As the riders take the safety exit, Wren declares that the Steel Dragon never breaks down, and this must be the result of a monster scheme. Seeing a strange figure running away from the coaster, the kids begin to power up to follow it: Wren in her pterodactyl costume, Reynold in his alien costume, and Lucy in her badger costume. However, Everett is unable to power up his knight costume, his helmet having fallen off on the ride. Lucy offers to stay behind to help Everett find the helmet, and Wren and Reynold pursue the figure.

Inside the coaster's inner workings, Lucy and Everett are met with a mass of junk and slime. Lucy takes fun in finding lost possessions as she digs with her badger costume, while Everett struggles to think of new conversation topics. After having a play sword fight together, Everett broaches the topic of their awkward relationship. He explains that he brought up weird trivia in the hopes of finding something she was interested in, to help them become better friends. Lucy assures him that she likes her friends because they're different, not because they're similar to herself, and says that she likes Everett's fun-loving attitude.

Lucy then spots Everett's knight helmet, but when she attempts to pull it out of the muck, a large, octopus-like Repugnian surfaces. He angrily declares that the coaster is his spot, and all missing objects inside belong to him. As he yells, slime flies from his mouth, and the two realize he was the cause of the coaster's problems. Lucy attempts to distract the monster while Everett tries to get his helmet back.

The scene cuts to Wren and Reynold chasing after the figure from earlier. The figure turns out to be Felicia Jones, covered in bags to keep her Abe Lincoln Jr. costume clean, "like a book cover". Seeing the coaster shake in the distance, they realize the real monster is with Everett and Lucy at the Steel Dragon.

Back inside the coaster, Everett realizes he can distract the monster by wearing his stuff, and has fun taunting him. With the monster's focus on him, Lucy swipes the helmet back, and hands Everett the pieces of his costume. Everett powers up, and the two grubbinize the monster, declaring themselves BFFs. Everett uses the sword to scrape the gunk off the gears, and with the coaster fixed, the kids ride again, Everett finally getting his keychain photo with Lucy.

The camera zooms out from the view of the photo, showing Oona watching security footage of the park. She replays the scene of Everett fighting the monster, over and over again.





  • This episode was originally titled "My New BFF" during development.
  • Everett's knight costume is likely a reference to his costume from the game. Similarly, Wren's pterodactyl costume resembles the costume from Costume Quest 2.
    • This makes The Keychain to My Heart the only episode to reference two costumes from the games.

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