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"The Best Offense" is the first half of the second episode of Costume Quest. It premiered on March 8, 2019.


When the kids sneak into Nougatown to unlock the secret powers of their magic costumes, Lucy and Reynold question their ability to become monster-brawling heroes.


Early in the morning, Reynold approaches Woodrow at the ticket stand to Nougatown, excitedly discussing local history with him. An irritated Wren explains to Everett and Lucy that Reynold befriended Woodrow through their trivia team, and as a result, Woodrow lets the Carvers into the park before it opens. As they enter the park, a shadow crosses the ticket booth, and a fifth person follows them inside.

The children head to the arcade and don their costumes. Wren and Everett confidently power up, while Lucy and Reynold take a bit longer to transform. They head to the Whack-A-Nough game and use it as a sort of target practice. Everett uses the laser beams of his robot costume to clear the board and set a high score, which Wren then beats with her log cannons from her Abe Lincoln Jr. Costume. Reynold uses his magician costume to make the Noughs disappear, but because he didn't whack them, his score is zero. Lucy uses her jellyfish costume to zap the machine, which glitches the display and shows only one point.

Wren declares their next training will be a tag-team sparring match, and the team heads to the minigolf course. Wren decides on Everett as her partner, much to Lucy and Reynold's disappointment. On their way over, a grubbin follows them, and swipes a piece of nougat from a vendor cart.

The match begins, and Everett's laser beams easily defeat Reynold's magic tricks, eventually powering him down with a missile strike. The teams switch out, and though Lucy manages to bounce back one of Wren's logs, she is soon beaten by a punch from Wren's beard-fist. Reynold and Lucy attempt to be more aggressive in the final 2-vs-2 round, but are easily taken out simply by crashing into Everett and Wren's linked arms.

As Wren and Everett take a victory lap, Lucy and Reynold glumly worry that they don't have the right skills to fight monsters. Wren assures them that there's no shame in being sidekicks, and Everett promises they can be lookouts if being a sidekick is too hard, much to Lucy and Reynold's dismay.

Lucy is about to suggest that she and Reynold step down, but before she can finish, the grubbin from earlier finally reveals himself, demanding they hand over their costume. He devours a large chunk of nougat, transforming himself into a scorpion-like creature. Wren and Everett begin to fight, easily overpowering him at first, but are trapped by a shot of sticky goo in a moment of overconfidence.

Reynold and Lucy, hiding on the sidelines, worry that they're not good enough to save them, but eventually regain their confidence, deciding that "the best offense is a good defense". Lucy deflects a blob of goo in the same manner she did with Wren, and Reynold uses a string of handkerchiefs to tie the repugnian's mouth shut, giving him time to free Wren and Everett by cutting the goo with a card. Lucy zaps the monster and calls for the "offense team" to finish him off, and with everyone's combined attacks, the monster is grubbinized.

Wren and Everett realize their comments hurt their friends feeling and apologize, assuring them that they have great skills. The four change out of their costume, leaving them to hang in a tree to dry off the goop, and head to the ball pit to have some fun. Just when they begin to relax, however, the grubbin snatches their costumes from the tree branches, and the team gives chase.





  • This episode was originally titled "Training Day" during development.
  • Both Reynold and Woodrow, love trivia and are on the same local history trivia team. Known as the Knowledgeable Nougateers.

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