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The Solar System is a costume in Costume Quest 2. It's the final costume that can be obtained, though it is not required to complete the story. When upgraded, it is referred to as the Black Hole.

Obtaining the Solar System costume gives the player the Cosmonaut achievement.



The Solar System costume cannot be obtained until near the end of the game, when the player is able to freely travel between the past and future. The player must have all costumes to obtain the Solar System, including the Wolfman, which is otherwise an optional costume.

When traveling into the past through the time hole in the sewer system, a boy will be standing nearby. Use Jefferson's Negotiation Costume Ability, the player can negotiate with him to give up his candy. Behind the boy is a plot of dirt, and the candy can be planted there.

After traveling to the future, the candy has grown into a small tree, but has otherwise not affected anything. To increase the tree's size, the player must obtain special growth mulch from Dirtanian the Grubbin Gardener at the east side of the Dental Compound. After negotiating again with the Jefferson costume, the gardener becomes willing to give up the mulch, but only if the player can help remind him of a movie he once saw. The player must be wearing the upgraded forms of the Superhero, Wolfman, and Hot Dog costumes (Each party member must wear one of said costume and the order doesn't matter) to remind the gardener of the film and obtain the mulch.

After receiving the mulch, the player must travel back in time again and use the mulch on the planted seed. When they return to the future, the tree has grown to massive proportions, even smashing through concrete. On a terrace to the east, the player can open a hidden door inside the tree's trunk. Climbing a spiraling platform inside will lead them to a branch high above the earth, which holds a chest containing the costume.

After obtaining the costume, Shady will sell the Black Jumbo Marker to the player at a base price of 2000 candy.

In Battle[]


Ships from the corners of the galaxy come to blast your enemies!

After upgrading, this attack will also burn all enemies.



  • The Solar System and Ghost costumes both have the same focus listed, and are the only costumes in Costume Quest 2 to share a focus.
  • Despite the Solar System being listed as focused on defense, its special is an offensive attack.
  • The Solar System is one of two costumes in Costume Quest 2 to not be required to complete the story, the other being Wolfman.
    • Both costumes are also obtained without a costume pattern.
  • After upgrading, the planets on the Solar System costume are removed. This makes the Black Hole the only costume to remove parts after upgrading.
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