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The Robot is a costume in Costume Quest, and the first costume obtained by the player.

The Robot returned as pre-order DLC for Costume Quest 2, along with the Unicorn, Pumpkin, and Eyeball. When upgraded, it is referred to as the Redbot.


When not in battle, the costume appears to be made of cardboard and tin foil. The helmet is cylindrical and has an antenna with a red ball attached to the top. The torso is square and has buttons painted on it. The sleeves and leggings are made of tin foil, while the shoes are roller skates.

When in battle, it looks like a blue robot with a chest armed with three bazookas. It has wings and on its head is a red dot for an eye. Some parts of the body are silver, such as on its arms, legs, and head.


The Robot is easy to acquire, being a tutorial for how to go about obtaining a costume. After being given the costume pattern from a strangely helpful cat, the cat leads the player down an alley holding three Treasure Coffins. Each Coffin has one piece of the Robot inside.

For players that pre-ordered Costume Quest 2, the Robot could be obtained again by purchasing it from Shady for five pieces of candy.

In Battle[]

Missile Barrage[]

Damages and applies a damage-over-time fire effect to all enemies.


The Robot's Boost ability can be used to travel faster when exploring Auburn Hollow. It can also be used to skate over ramps, which the player can otherwise not get over. Skating over 15 different ramps awards the player the Binary Bouncer achievement.

Because the Robot is the only costume that allows the player to travel faster in the original Costume Quest, its Boost ability would be made into an ability separate from costumes in Costume Quest 2, much like bashing with the candy pail, to encourage players to experiment more with a variety of costumes.



  • The robot costume Everett makes in For the Love of Lincoln is likely based on this costume.
  • The Robot is the only returning costume in Costume Quest 2 that was required to complete the story in Costume Quest.

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