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Reynold Carver is one of the protagonists of Costume Quest. The younger of the Carver twins, Reynold is a sensitive boy who adores the history of Auburn Hollow, nougat, and Nougatown. Together with his sister Wren and friends Lucy and Everett, Reynold dons enchanted costumes to protect the town from the Repugnians.



The first costume Reynold created was his Magician costume, made out of costume pieces from Norm's store in For the Love of Lincoln. When powered up, Reynold gained abilities related to typical stage magic, such as summoning endless handkerchiefs, pulling cards out of thin air, and making objects disappear.

Reynold regularly wore this costume to battle monsters in, but it was lost in a mineshaft collapse in Belly of the Beast, along with the other original costumes.

Johnny Thundercloud[]

Reynold created Johnny Thundercloud out of discarded bits of cotton in the Fun Room, as part of the group's efforts to escape. When Lucy's attempt resulted in the light being broken, Reynold's panic attack caused him to spit up a burst of lightning that accidentally zapped Wren. Reynold immediately powered down to check on her, and has not worn the Johnny Thundercloud costume since.

The cotton pieces used for this costume were used again as the body of the elephant the group formed together to escape the Fun Room.


Reynold first wore his Ghost costume in Ghosting. Initially, he had simply worn it in a panic, looking to flee the idea of defending the world from monsters. After his friends comforted him, however, he continued to wear the Ghost costume regularly, using it again in Baking is Best with Friends for a monster trap, in Factory Tour for its stealth abilities, and in All Hallows' Eve for the final battle against the Repugnians.

When powered up, Reynold can pass through objects, turn invisible, and even possess large objects to move them around. However, he can't make himself solid, which can be a liability when trying to physically block a foe.

This costume may be a reference to the Ghost costume from Costume Quest 2, though the resemblance may be mere coincidence, as a sheet ghost costume is a common trope.

Grey Alien[]

In The Keychain to My Heart, Reynold wore an alien costume to Nougatown, resembling the typical "grey alien" depictions. Reynold never had an opportunity to use this costume in combat, and has never worn it since, so its abilities remain unknown.


In The Big Con, Reynold wears a superhero costume based on the costume from the games. When powered up, Reynold has increased strength, X-ray vision, and can fly great distances.

Reynold wears this costume again in Scout's Honor, using it to track down Scout and trap her.

Shark Tank[]

In Danger Bike Man Rides Again, Reynold wears a shark tank costume for Everett's race track, as they were unable to obtain a tank big enough to fit a shark.


In Girl, You'll Be a Grubbin Soon, Reynold wears a costume that resembles the Yeti from Grubbins on Ice to Lucy's monster-themed birthday party. Reynold never powers up in this costume, so its abilities are unknown.

Good Cop[]

In Secrets and Lies, Reynold wears a cop costume to interrogate "Jeff" alongside Wren, playing the good cop to her bad cop. This costume seems to be primarily for appearances, as it is not shown to have any powers.


After learning Norm's secret, Reynold wears a wizard costume resembling the costume from the game to pretend to fight against "Jeff" and save Norm. Reynold declares himself "Mernold", a combination of "Merlin" and "Reynold".

When powered up, Reynold can levitate objects using his wand, and teleport in flashes of smoke.


In Breaker, Breaker, Reynold donned a baseball pitcher costume, inspired by his goal to win at a milk bottle game at the Nougat Day carnival.

When powered up, Reynold is equipped with a pitching device replacing his right arm, which can fire an unlimited number of baseballs. The baseballs are launched at incredibly high speeds, able to grubbinize a Repugnian in one shot.


In Stuck in the Middle with Tootz, Reynold wears a merman costume to provide discrete backup for Wren's deal at the docks. Reynold dons this costume again in Schmooze Cruise to sneak aboard the ship.

When powered up, Reynold can breathe underwater, speak to sea creatures, and freely manipulate water.

Ice Cream Cone[]

In Perfect Vision, Reynold wears an ice cream cone costume to match the vision Lucy foresaw in her fortune teller costume. This costume was worn only once, but Reynold is shown wearing it again in the theme song, blowing a stream of icy wind.

Ned Nougat[]

Based on the mascot of Nougatown, Reynold first wears the Ned Nougat costume in Dry-Cleaners and Dragons, as part of a nougat-themed concert to raise support for Oona. Reynold wears it again in In the Mouth of Badness, as part of a ploy to get Bob to publicly eat nougat in a contest and expose him as a Repugnian.

Reynold is still wearing his Ned Nougat costume in Deal With It and Sibling Showdown, where he uses it to fight against Wren. These episodes show that Reynold can use the Ned Nougat costume to shapeshift and fire blast of nougat.

Nougat Prospector[]

This costume was developed years prior by Oona, disguised as the Prospector's Log Ride attraction. Reynold powers this up with the help of several other local kids, including Felicia Jones, to form a massive costume based on Oona's friend from one hundred years ago. The Prospector seems to have no supernatural abilities, but skillfully wields a mighty pickax.

Park Ranger[]

Reynold wears this costume in Heroes on Holiday to discretely clean up rubble left behind in the wake of the Repugnians.


Reynold wears this festive costume to fight Roody Tootz and the other grubbins, rampaging after eating nougat infused with holiday cheer. When powered up, Reynold becomes extremely agile and is able to quickly wrap anything, swiftly tying the Repugnians together.


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