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Hey, have you seen a short, dumb, super uncool little nerd running around here? I have to find him/her or I'm going to be grounded.


Reynold/Wren is the avatar first-person character and the protagonist of the Costume Quest series. Depending on the player's choice, the protagonist can be either a boy named Reynold or a girl named Wren. Whoever isn't selected plays the role of the protagonist's twin.


They moved not too long ago, twin siblings, sometimes they fight...


On the evening of Halloween, Mom & Dad send Reynold and Wren on a trick-or-treating campaign, however conditionally only allow it if they travel together. The twins come across a Grubbin whilst knocking on a house, who abducts Reynold/Wren. In spite of winning a fight against Gus, Reynold/Wren are robbed of their costume. Thereafter Reynold/Wren must traverse throughout three different stages, permitting them answers about Wren/Reynold's location, Dorsilla and the Grubbins stockpiling candy.


  • "Hey, haven't I seen you eating lunch in the science teacher's room."
  • "I'M the ORIGINAL. And I don't have a clone, I have an IMITATOR."



  • Dialogue between Reynold/Wren and Everett asserts the former recently enrolled in school and therefore moved to Auburn Pines from another town.