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Repugnians in their base forms.

Repugnians are a faction of evil monsters that seek to conquer the human world. After their attempt was thwarted over one hundred years ago, the Repugnians retreated, but some Repugnians went into hiding by disguising themselves as humans to infiltrate the town of Auburn Hollow. Over one hundred years later, the Repugnians developed their own secret society with various spies planted in the town, and they prepare for Halloween night when the portal to their homeworld, Repugnia, reopens and they reunite with the rest of their kind.

Repugnians can come in two forms: their true goblin-like forms called Grubbins and the monster forms they acquire when they ingest nougat. The way to expose a Repugnian is by playing on their carnal love for nougat, which causes them to slobber purple saliva.

Transformed Repugnians

Repugnians in their transformed states.