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Repugians are the main enemies in the Costume Quest games. They are a race of monstrous creatures that vary widely in appearance. Their home dimension is Repugia.

There are four main varieties of Repugians:

  • Grubbins are feeble, goblin-like creatures.
  • Trowbogs are large, grey, ogre-like brawlers.
  • Crestwailers resemble crows, and are frequently employed as soldiers.
  • Repugiarchs are a fourth species introduced in Grubbins on Ice. They have large builds similar to Trowbogs, but instead resemble skeletons.

Repugians are generally unintelligent and can be outwitted easily. They are fooled by simple costumes, struggle to interpret written directions or open gates, and follow orders without question. However, Repugians are capable of learning and even excelling in certain fields, such as combat techniques, business, and developing technologies.

Generally, Repugians obey the order of a leading figurehead. (Dorsilla in Costume Quest, Araxia in Grubbins on Ice, and Dr. Orel White in Costume Quest 2) However, this is not true of all Repugians. The player frequently encounters Repugians rebelling against their leader, usually defectors willing to give them supplies or new combat techniques. In the future of Costume Quest 2, the Elders of the Repugians run secret candy speakeasies, despite White banning candy.