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The Pumpkin is a costume in Costume Quest.

The Pumpkin returned as pre-order DLC for Costume Quest 2, along with the Robot, Unicorn, and Eyeball. When upgraded, it is referred to as the Pumpkin King.



  • Costume Pattern- Received from Dorian in Auburn Pines
  • Paper Mache- Received from Dorian in Auburn Pines
  • Orange Paint- Received from Dorian in Autumn Haven Mall
  • Leaves- Received from Dorian in Fall Valley

For players that pre-ordered Costume Quest 2, the Pumpkin could be obtained again by purchasing it from Shady for five pieces of candy.

In Battle[]

All Hallows' Eve[]

A powerful tornado that cuts all enemies' health in half.



  • Though intended to be received in order, the player can actually skip talking to Dorian and come back to collect the pieces in any order that they like. Dorian's dialogue will not change to acknowledge this.
  • If Wren/Reynold wears the Pumpkin costume when entering a battle, they will be slightly higher than usual when the transformation animation plays.
  • The art used for the Paper Mache is used again for the Pterodactyl costume piece.

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