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The Ninja is a costume in Costume Quest.



  • Scarf- Received from a kid in the Arcade after freeing the pirate kids
  • Sweat Pants- Received from Lucy upon meeting her in the train tunnels
  • Rope- Received from the conductor when he sees the train has been repaired
  • Costume Pattern- Received from the ninjas blocking access to the third floor after obtaining three monster horns

In Battle[]

Kitsune Shroud[]

A smoke bomb that protects a single party member from enemy attacks for 1 turn.



  • Because the pieces to the Ninja costume are received at certain points during the story, it is impossible to receive the pieces in any different order.
    • The Ninja is the only costume this is true for, as even the Pumpkin can have pieces skipped and returned to later during gameplay.
  • The art used for the Scarf is used again for the Black Scarf in the Pharaoh costume pattern.
  • The Ghost of Costume Quest 2 can be considered a counterpart to the Ninja costume. Both have a Sneak ability and have a battle special that makes an ally invisible.

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