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"Monsters in Our Midst" is the second segment of the first episode of Costume Quest and the second episode overall. It premiered on March 8, 2019.


With everyone totally freaked by last night's eerie encounter, Everett leads the charge to find an adult to help solve their monster problem.


The episode begins with Wren, Reynold, Lucy and Everett walking down the streets of Auburn Hollow discussing there recent monster attack while heading to Norm's. Arriving, they find that the place is locked and Norm has "gone fishin' at the Lake". They leave and head further down the street and vote to tell Bonnie Nichols, Everett's mom about the monster attack. Everett tells his Mom about the monster attack and as an Officer decides to play pretend Cop with the kids. Everett's mother gets a walkie talkie call and heads back onto the job driving away as Everett repeats that the monster attack actual took place.

Gordon Carver, Wren and Reynold's dad, who's giving a bus tour of Auburn Hollow stops by his kids showing them off as well as a statue behind them of the Town's founder. Everett seeing the bus, wants to tell the passengers about the monster attack but Wren shoots the idea down as telling multiple people at once could be risky. The four kids all hop on the tour bus and Gordon lets Reynold man the tour (since he knows it by heart), Everett reminds Reynold that he should inform everyone on the bus about the monster encounter. After a bit, Everett takes the intercom from Reynold and informs the bus passengers that there is a monster loose in town that wears a human mask, drools purple, has a head that falls off and that he's real bad. The tour passengers are with him, but mistake the announcement as a part of the tour and Gordon disappointed sends his kids as well as Everett and Lucy off the bus. Not having anyone believe them and bickering about what to do next.

They encounter Gail, who having came off the tour bus, ensures them that monsters are real and invites them to a "monster experiencer support group". She explains that the group comes together and share info about how to take down the beasts. Gail hands them the group's poster and walks off. Wren points out that it's obviously a trap and isn't going. Reynold and Lucy when asked are hesitant. Everett willing to go alone, slowly walks away but Lucy and Reynold change there minds. Wren still not convinced, is told that wearing there costumes for fighting monsters and bringing Nougat Bars to test who is a monster can help them if it is a trap. Wren caves to the thought and they go.

Arriving at the support group, they recognize a few faces making the group seem not so bad. Shortly after however, while Everett is explaining the story of there monster encounter, Wren starts eating a Nougat Bar and everyone from the group begins to drool purple. Everett's story comes to a stop noticing the purple drooling and with Wren right all along, she powers up into her Abe Lincoln Jr. costume. Lucy and Reynold powerup into there Jellyfish and Magician costume respectively not long after. Lucy scares away majority of the support group and Gail now by herself transforms into a monster and deals with the kids on her own. Wren, Reynold and Lucy try running away but Gail teleports, grabbing the three and they prey for Everett's help. Everett mad at the whole situation and just wanting any adult to understand what there going through, powers up into his Robot costume and starts attacking Gail. The three other kids now free, do an all out attack in turn "grubbinizing" Gail, who now a small green monster escape's through one of the building's vents.

Heading home from the support group, Everett apologizes and admits he was wrong and that nobody's going to help them fighting all these monsters. Deciding it's best they know how to use there costumes properly, the episode ends with a different small green monster watching them from a tree branch above.





  • Everett's nickname given by his mom is "Baby Ev". Given that Everett is her youngest son, this checks out.
  • "Green Street" is the only mentioned street in the entire series. Other than this instance, places are usually only mentioned by building or location.
  • Posters for (presumably) a sports team named "Auburn Nougats" can be seen in the gym, the support group meeting takes place in.

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