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Well, even if you don't find any NEW friends, remember, your very BEST friend will always be your brother or sister. That's why you have to stick together! - Mom

...Or else you're grounded. - Dad

—Wren & Reynold's parents

Mr. & Mrs. Wreynold are the parents of Reynold and Wren.



Mr. & Mrs. Wreynold instruct Wren and Reynold to remain in each other's company while venturing out for the night. Particularly interesting was Mrs. Wreynold's brief words pertaining to familial bonds and its importance. Through the duration of the game, Wren and Reynold's relationship becomes tested likely as Dorian and Dorsilla's was. Before reconciling Wren/Reynold repeats Mrs. Wreynold's utterance, obviously having derived a moral lesson from it.


Having survived all manner of peril Wren, Reynold, Lucy, Dorian, and Everett arrive home finally settled to calmly count their accumulated troves of candy. Wren and Reynold's mother announces Everett & Lucy's parents' consent in allowing them each to stay for the evening. Wren and Reynold's father takes a handful of treats before retiring to bed with his wife.



Mrs. Wreynold demonstrates warm, gentle, patient, concerned qualities. Her parenting style consists of modern techniques wherein instead of being austere concedes Wren and Reynold choices through fair yet distinct guidelines.


Mr. Wreynold enforces Mrs. Wreynold's policies as a polar opposite, giving no actual options other than to heed standards set forth by the former. Ironically this posits a false sense of control.


  • If closely examined on will notice several paintings hung up in the Wreynold household reminiscent of Mark Rothko's work, but in fact, are not. In actuality, they may simply be fond of color field style art.
  • There is a chance that two of the band members you help in the Bayou are Mr. and Mrs. Reynold, as they share similarities. This is just speculation.