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Jefferson is a costume in Costume Quest 2. When upgraded, it is referred to as Enlightened Jefferson.



In Battle[]

Declaration of Destruction[]

Jefferson pens a masterwork and delivers it with explosive effect.


Jefferson's Diplomacy ability is frequently used throughout the story to appeal to characters who initially are unwilling to help the player. There are three instances where the player can use Diplomacy that are not required for the story, but offer some other benefit:

  • The player can use the Diplomacy ability on Shady to talk him into giving them a permanent 10% discount at his Secret Shop. After upgrading the costume, they can use it again to increase it to a 20% discount. 20% is the maximum discount the player can obtain. The location Shady is spoken to does not matter.
  • In the French Quarter, the player can use the Diplomacy ability on the competing statue kids. This will award the achievement Breakdance Broker.
  • After using the time hole in the sewers to travel to the past, the player can use Diplomacy on a child eating a strange piece of candy to talk him into giving it to them. This begins the series of events to unlock the optional Solar System costume. Later, they will use it again on a Grubbin gardener to convince him to give them fertilizer.



  • Contrary to the title of Enlightened Jefferson, the historical Thomas Jefferson owned several hundred slaves.
  • The Jefferson and Ghost costumes both use dye as their upgrade piece.
  • While most monsters put on glasses to read Jefferson's Declaration of Destruction, Dental Drones will instead attempt to eat it.
  • It is impossible to obtain the costume pieces for Jefferson before acquiring the costume pattern. Jefferson is the only costume in Costume Quest 2 this is true for; all others can either be obtained before their pattern or are obtained already assembled.

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