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This article is about the Costume. You may be looking for the species, or the DLC Grubbins on Ice.

The Grubbin is a costume in Costume Quest, and the final costume required to complete the story.

Unlike other costumes, the Grubbin costume has absolutely no combat abilities. Even attempts to engage in a battle, such as speaking with Dorsilla or striking enemies with the candy pail, will not trigger a battle. If worn while trick-or-treating, the player will transform into the Robot if an enemy answers the door. Additionally, the Grubbin costume can only be equipped by Wren/Reynold, and cannot be worn by Everett or Lucy.



The Grubbin costume is a required item for convincing a Crestwailer to let you past a gate.

The costume pattern is given to you by a rebel Grubbin in the corn maze at the end of the Carnival.




  • The Floss Robot costume in Costume Quest 2 can be considered a counterpart to the Grubbin costume. Both are costumes used to disguise the player as enemy forces, and cannot battle at all.
    • Both costumes are also the last costume required to complete the story.

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