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"For the Love of Lincoln" is the first segment of the first episode of Costume Quest, and the first episode overall. It premiered on March 8, 2019.


The kids search the town to find this year's must-have Halloween costume, until a lurking stranger takes a special interest in their very first costume quest.


The episode begins with Wren, Reynold, Lucy and Everett leaving the Nougatown theme park and heading to get the new Abe Lincoln Jr. costumes. They encounter Dudley, who buys the last available costumes, prompting them to search elsewhere. They find Norm's store, where they meet Norm and he gives them unique costumes. Norm warns them not to reveal where they got the costumes, then rushes them out as another customer arrives. Later, the same customer from earlier has the new Abe Lincoln costume and offers to trade it for their costumes, but during the exchange, a Nougat bar falls out of Wren's costume, causing the stranger to foam purple at the mouth and chase them. The kids hide in the theme park, using their imagination to blend in with the robot actors. Eventually, Wren saves her friends by transforming into Abe Lincoln Jr. using her costume from Norm's, leading to a confrontation where they realize the stranger chasing them isn't human. They decide to seek answers from Norm, and the episode ends with a mysterious observer watching their encounter from afar.





  • The clock hands in this episode are inconsistent/tell time incorrectly.
    • The first wide shot of the Nougatown Theme Park entrance contains 2 clocks. The clocktower has 1.5 and 3 hour dash marks. The Nougatown Theme Park entrance clock has no dash marks. We can only assume the time for both of these is roughly 6:58 or 7:58pm.
    • The clock above the Nougatown Theme Park entrance roughly 50 seconds later in the episode, has 3 hour dash marks roughly showing 4 or 5 pm.
  • Everett's robot costume is likely a reference to the same costume from the game.
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