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The Floss Robot is a costume in Costume Quest 2, and the final costume required to complete the story.

Unlike other costumes, the Floss Robot costume has absolutely no combat abilities. Even attempts to engage in a battle, such as striking enemies with the candy pail, will not trigger a battle. If equipped when the player triggers the boss battle against Dr. Orel White, the player will automatically put on the Candy Corn costume.

Additionally, the Floss Robot costume can only be equipped by Wren/Reynold, depending on who the player character is, and cannot be worn by their sibling or Orel. (Presumably, if it was obtained earlier in the game via hacking, Monty and Halley would also be unable to wear it)





  • The Floss Robot costume in can be considered a counterpart to the Grubbin costume. Both are costumes used to disguise the player as enemy forces, and cannot battle at all.
    • Both costumes are also the last costume required to complete the story.
  • The Floss Robot is the only costume in Costume Quest 2 that cannot be upgraded.
  • The Floss Robot is not displayed among the player's acquired costumes on the loading screen.

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