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The Eyeball is a costume in Grubbins on Ice. Obtaining the Eyeball will award the player the achievement Jeepers Peepers.

The Eyeball returned as pre-order DLC for Costume Quest 2, along with the Robot, Unicorn, and Pumpkin. When upgraded, it is referred to as the Infected Eyeball.



  • Costume Pattern- Located in a Treasure Coffin south of where the player first lands in Repugia.
  • Track Suit- Located in a Treasure Coffin at the end of two caves after falling off a cliff to the east of the first area.
  • Wire Mesh- Located in a set of caves in the cliffsides of Repugia. The player must fall off a cliffside near the bridge, then use the Pirate's hook ability to zipline to another set of planks. Navigating the caves will lead to a Treasure Coffin holding the Wire Mesh piece.
  • Crepe Paper- Located South of the first area's exit off of a cliff.

For players that pre-ordered Costume Quest 2, the Eyeball could be obtained again by purchasing it from Shady for five pieces of candy.

In Battle[]

EYE-agara Falls[]

The eyeball gushes forth a powerful torrent of tears that damages one enemy.


In CQ1, The Eyeball's Survey ability zooms out the camera, allowing the player to see much more of the map than they could normally. The player cannot move while Survey is active.



  • The Eyeball has the shortest notebook description of any costume.
  • The Eyeball is the only costume where the player acquires a pattern and costume pieces entirely on their own, with nothing received from any NPCs.
  • The Eyeball is the only costume released in Grubbins on Ice that is not required to complete the story.
  • The eyeball costume worn by Lucy Chu in Breaker, Breaker is likely a reference to this costume.

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