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This is the list of episodes for the Costume Quest animated series.

Series Overview[]

Season Episodes Segments Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 14 26 March 8, 2019 November 22, 2019

Season 1[]

  • The first season of Costume Quest consists of 14 episodes (26 segments, 2 segments per episode with the exception of the half-hour season finale, and the holiday special.)
Number # Title Writer(s) Air date Prod. code
1 "For the Love of Lincoln" Bryan Caselli March 8, 2019 COQU101
"Monsters in Our Midst" Kara Lee Burk COQU102
2 "The Best Offense" Bryan Caselli
Amalia Levari
"Belly of the Beast" Levi Abrino COQU104
3 "The Fun Room" Will McRobb COQU105
"Ghosting" Zac Gorman COQU106
4 "The Keychain to My Heart" Bryan Caselli COQU107
"The Big Con" Kara Lee Burk COQU108
5 "Baking is Best with Friends" Levi Abrino COQU109
"Danger Bike Man Rides Again" Zac Gorman COQU110
6 "Girl, You'll Be a Grubbin Soon" Kara Lee Burk COQU111
"Secrets and Lies" Levi Abrino COQU112
7 "Breaker, Breaker" Ty Freer October 11, 2019 COQU113
"Factory Tour" Bryan Caselli COQU114
8 "Stuck in the Middle with Tootz" Zac Gorman COQU115
"Scout's Honor" Levi Abrino
Kara Lee Burk
9 "Schmooze Cruise" Ty Freer COQU117
"Perfect Vision" Kara Lee Burk COQU118
10 "Dry-Cleaners and Dragons" Levi Abrino COQU119
"In the Mouth of Badness" Zac Gorman COQU120
11 "Deal With It" Kara Lee Burk COQU121
"Sibling Showdown" Levi Abrino COQU122
12 "What About Norm?" Zac Gorman COQU123
"O Grubbin Where Art Thou?" Will Mcrobb COQU124
13 "All Hallows' Eve" Levi Abrino
Kara Lee Burk
14 "Heroes on Holiday" Nick Bachman
Bryan Caselli
November 22, 2019 COQU9901