What's that, I couldn't hear you over the sudden tornado.
— Dorsilla
Dorsilla upon first meeting
Lawful Evil
Gender Female
Race Wiccan
Health 4000
Level 20
Status Alive


Seen near the security gate after Wren/Renold's kidnapping, Dorsilla exchanges words with Wren/Renold before casting a spell robbing them of their costume and causing them to re-materialize several feet away before disappearing. This cut scene leads into the first of two quests, "robot repair" and "Auburn Suburbs."


"We're going to step through that magic portal to a world where I will be treated as a queen!" - Final battle

Evident in the prologue, Dorsilla exhibits a disdain for dwellers of the "normal" world, proclaiming them as dumb and annoying, however does not seem particularly fond of grubbin or other magical creatures who serve her. Upon being defeated initially and engaged in conversation begins to monologue; "Oh, Dorsilla. You just wanted to leave this horrible world. Why won't it let you go? Are you...too beautiful?" Following the protagonists vexed rebuttal, she responds by saying, "No one understands me here *sniff*." Classic signs of narcissism are apparent, especially since Dorsilla's ambitions are chiefly themed toward a vengeful sense of entitlement. In addition her acts completely disregard others well being, revealing her to be far more sinister than first believed.


  • Dorsilla has a twin brother named Dorian, who opposes her by aiding the protagonist. Their disgruntled relationship may be a cautionary tale foreboding a possible reality for Wren and Reynold if they do not reconcile their differences as siblings.