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"Deal With It" is the first half of the eleventh episode of Costume Quest. It premiered on October 11, 2019.


The kids search for meaning at the lake while Norm goes on a secret mission to right his past wrongs.


Felicia Jones is watching Ab Jr on a TV and says she wants to meet Roody Tootz, but Wren tells her not to because of the past relationship with Roody. Then the team goes to Norm’s and tries to go through the dog door realizing it’s nailed shut. So they go to the lake to find Norm. Then they see Norm on TV and go back to its shop to find him. They see bob and Norm making a deal. Norm tells Bob that all the costumes are his, which surprises them. But Bob said her really only needed one costume, Norm’s. Now knowing Norming is a monster, Reynold tries to convince them that Norm is the nice monster and not a bad one. Wren asks how he knows, and he said he told him. Everett and Lucy tell Reynold they could’ve handled it. Now seeing Wren has Powered up and is about to take rage out on Reynold they think Wren might not have handled it well. Reynold tells Wren she doesn’t want to fight her. But after Wren called him mean things, he starts fighting, and the episode end with them crashing into each other.





  • This episode was originally titled "Big Deal" during development.
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