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"Danger Bike Man Rides Again" is the second half of the fifth episode of Costume Quest. It premiered on March 8, 2019.


Everett's secret plan to reconnect with his brother goes downhill fast when he confronts the only thing more annoying than monsters - teenagers.


The episode opens with Everett playing with a drawn bike track, while his brother Benji practices pickup lines in the mirror. Everett excitedly shows Benji his track, for their "Sixth Annual Mega-Bike Inferno 9000", a tradition he and Benji share where they race on a bike course together. Benji turns him down, however, for plans with his teenaged friends, Eliza and Ruben, who mock Benji for dressing in costume with his brother.

In the woods, Reynold, Wren, and Lucy are setting up the elaborate course, learning about the lore behind it through Everett's handbooks. Everett arrives, hurt by his brother's rejection, and announces the race has been cancelled. Though his friends offer to take Benji's place in the race, Everett refuses, explaining the sentimental value that Danger Bike Man and the Lost Rider held. Wren encourages him to show the course to Benji and his friends, sure that the extreme sports will draw them in. As Everett leaves, his friends set to work figuring out how to get a shark tank.

Everett joins Benji and his friends, trying to fit in with the older kids and still get them to like the bike race. After a few awkward moments, he attempts to get them to the pumpkin patch, claiming it's a hip new trend. Eliza, seeing an opportunity to mock Everett further, suggests they take him up on his offer.

In the pumpkin patch, Eliza convinces the group to smash some jack-o-lanterns, to Everett's dismay. When Benji begins to join in, Everett changes into his Danger Bike Man costume to tell him to stop. Eliza films the event, mocking Benji and Everett, and the pressure motivates Benji to smash a jack-o-lantern, leaving Everett fleeing in tears. Benji and his friends split up to find him.

Eliza is the first to find Everett, startling him and mocking him further. Everett accuses her of being a monster, but she brushes it off, telling him that monsters aren't real. Ruben, joining the pair, tells them they shouldn't be so certain- and removes his human mask, revealing himself to be a centipede-like Repugnian.

Everett flees down the track with Ruben in hot pursuit. Ruben taunts Everett, but Everett stubbornly pushes forward, using the track's obstacles to fight back. Everett eventually manages to power up as Danger Bike Man, in a flurry of fireworks that catches Benji's eye. Ruben is finally grubbinized by Wren, transformed into the shark for the shark tank, and carried off by an eagle. Everett thanks his friends for their help, and suggests that they all take part in the race next year.

Back at the Nichols' home, Benji apologizes to Everett for his behavior. Everett tells Benji that he's still invited to next year's race, and Benji tells him that this year's looked "pretty rad". The two share a secret handshake.




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