Costume Quest Wiki

The Costumes are items utilized throughout Costume Quest. At first glance, the costumes are simply objects and clothing forming a homemade outfit, but when treated by a mysterious ingredient, they become magical. If the wearer has an active imagination, the costume responds to the wearer's belief and transforms them into what the costume is, and grants them powers corresponding to the theme of the costume. Because children are extremely creative and have a strong imagination, they are considered ideal candidates to wear these costumes.

The costumes were created by Norm when he combined his father's magic serum over one hundred years ago to grant four children the ability to ward off the Repugnian invasion of Auburn Hollow. Owning the enchantment recipe passed down in his family, Norm makes costumes for the new generation of costumed protectors—Wren, Reynold, Everett, and Lucy—for the coming return of the Repugnians.


Costume Image Wearer Description Appearance(s)
Robot Everett "For the Love of Lincoln"
"Monsters in Our Midst"
"The Best Offense"
Abe Lincoln Jr. Wren
Jellyfish Lucy
Magician Reynold
Human Hose Everett "The Fun Room"
Top Banana Wren
Johnny Thundercloud Reynold
Moon Moth Lucy
Elephant Everett
Ghost catcher Everett "Ghosting"
Hat Detective Wren
Bloodhound Lucy
Ghost Everett "Ghosting"
"Baking is Best with Friends"
"Factory Tour"
"All Hallows' Eve"
Dragon Oona "Ghosting"
"Factory Tour"
"Dry-Cleaners and Dragons"
"Deal With It"
"All Hallows' Eve"
Chimera Kid #1 "Ghosting"
"What About Norm?"
Jack-o-lantern Kid #2
Prospector Kid #3
Knight Everett "The Keychain to My Heart"
Pterodactyl Wren
Alien Reynold
Badger Lucy
Karate fighter Everett "The Big Con"
Warrior Space Princess Lucy
Abe Lincoln Jr. Mark II Wren "The Big Con"
"Stuck in the Middle with Tootz"
"Dry-Cleaners and Dragons"
"All Hallows' Eve"
Superhero Reynold "The Big Con"
"Scout's Honor"
Partystein Everett "Baking is Best with Friends"
"Perfect Vision"
Headless Horse-Wren Wren "Baking is Best with Friends"
Spider Lucy
Danger Bike Man Everett "Danger Bike Man Rides Again"
"All Hallows' Eve"
Shark Wren "Danger Bike Man Rides Again
Shark Tank Reynold
Beetle Lucy
Wolf Man Everett "Girl, You'll Be a Grubbin Soon
Yeti Reynold
Hobgoblin/Grubbin Lucy "Girl, You'll Be a Grubbin Soon"
"All Hallows' Eve"
Swamp Monster Wren "Girl, You'll Be a Grubbin Soon"
"Secrets and Lies"
Bad Cop "Secrets and Lies"
Detective Everett Everett
Officer Good Reynold
Police Dog Lucy
Delivery Truck Everett "Breaker, Breaker"
Race car Wren
Baseball player Reynold
Eyeball Lucy
Chameleon Everett "Factory Tour"
Ninja Wren
Shadow Lucy
Seagull Lucy "Stuck in the Middle with Tootz"
Bus seat Lucy
Anchor Everett
Merman Reynold "Stuck in the Middle with Tootz"
"Schmooze Cruise"
Octopus Everett "Schmooze Cruise"
Fisherman Wren
Pirate Lucy
Sun Everett "Perfect Vision"
Apple Wren
Ice cream Reynold
Fortune teller Lucy
Nougette Everett "Dry-Cleaners and Dragons"
Nougette Wren
Pirate Nougat Lucy
Ned Nougat Reynold "Dry-Cleaners and Dragons"
"In the Mouth of Badness"
"Deal With It"
"Sibling Showdown"
Game show host Everett "In the Mouth of Badness"
"Deal With It"
"Sibling Showdown"
Bee Wren
Firefly Lucy
Funhouse Pumpkin Everett, Benji, & Auburn Hollow children "All Hallows' Eve"
Steel Dragon Wren & Auburn Hollow children
Nougat Prospector Reynold, Felicia, & Auburn Hollow children
Carousel Lucy, Dudley, & Auburn Hollow children
Woodchipper Everett "Heroes on Holiday"
Lumberjack Wren
Santa Claus
Park ranger Reynold
Flying Squirrel Lucy