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Costume Quest 2 is a 2014 party-based role-playing game developed by Double Fine Productions and published by Midnight City. The sequel to Costume Quest, Costume Quest 2 allows players to assume the identity of one of the two twin siblings, Reynold or Wren. Together with their friends, the group travels through the various in-game environments while collecting candy and various costumes, in an attempt to thwart the plans of Dr. Orel White, who wishes to see Halloween banished forever. The game has an improved battle system and a time travel-based plotline.


The game functions as an action adventure platform with RPG features such as monster battle combats, level building, and puzzle/item quests.

Party Group[]

Your party can have up to 3 characters in single player game control as you play through the game. The story plot is mostly linear with the option of fulfilling side quests that helps you advance. In Costume Quest (game) 1 where you had to choose between Wren and Reynold as your main character to play with while the other is made NPC, you can now keep both siblings as playable characters but still having to choose a main character between them. Depending on certain areas (and time eras), only some characters are available to help Wren and Reynolds in battle and field.

Battle Mechanics[]

Battles can result from treat-or-treating at houses and from making contact with enemies in certain field areas throughout the game. In all battles, your characters use various costumes to participate and they all come with varied built-in abilities. While in battle, you face off against enemies with individual turn-based actions. The Battles Stamps from Costume Quest have been removed from this game but have been replaced with Creepy Treat Cards, giving players new choices of healing, defensive and offensive actions.


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Much like Costume Quest, you'll find varied types of Halloween costumes throughout the game. These costumes are usually acquired by finding pattern sheets, then finding their 3 pieces to each pattern to assemble and use the costume on one of your characters. There are new and returning costumes in this game, up to 17 costumes to acquire. Like before, the costumes have their particular set of attacks in battle and abilities to overcome obstacles in field areas. You can only change costumes while in field areas. You can purchase a costume piece to upgrade a costume from the salesman, Shady in each era. Each costume with an upgrade can only be upgraded once.

  • Superhero: The Superhero costume is a default costume that you acquire from Lucy and Everett's shed in the future era. Your chosen twin sibling will get this costume first. Depending on the gender of which character is equipped with the costume, there is a male and female version. The upgraded version of this costume is the Solar Superhero.
  • Candy Corn: The Candy Corn costume is a default costume that you acquired from Lucy and Everett's shed in the future era. This costume would go to the other twin sibling that wasn't picked in the intro. This costume is mostly for defense and to allure enemies' attacks. You are automatically stuck in battle doing nothing but take reduced damage. The upgraded version of this costume is the Chocolate Candy Corn.
  • Clown: The Clown costume is acquired in the past era when you meet Monty, He has the pattern sheet and you need to gather a rainbow wig, a red nose, and a squeaky horn to assemble the costume. The upgraded version of this costume is the Rainbow Clown.


Costume Quest 2 picks up where the DLC expansion of Costume Quest, "Grubbins on Ice", left off; Everett, Lucy, Wren, and Reynold are trapped inside a nexus of portals with no clear way out. They decide to jump into one of the portals, returning them to Halloween Night. There, they find their dentist, Dr. Orel White, speaking with a time wizard, who opens a portal to the past that Orel jumps into. This leads to a future where Halloween has been outlawed and Orel rules a dental dystopia. Older Everett, along with his wife Lucy, task the kids with travelling to the past to reclaim a talisman with the ability to open a gateway to the monster world before Orel himself can steal it. They eventually locate the talisman, but are unable to prevent future Orel from stealing it. Eventually the kids gain younger Orel as an ally, who, helps them infiltrate Dr. Orel White's Dental Compound. As well younger Orel helps the twins in the final battle against future Orel, denounces the actions of his future self and takes part in defeating him. Having changed the heart of younger Orel, the kids return to their present where Dr. White is now no longer evil.

The Present Day (Sort of...)[]

Everett, Lucy, and our twin heroes, Wren and Reynold, are traveling through a series of portals on their way home. One which successfully returns them to there neighborhood celebrating Halloween Night, where things seem to be slightly different with Lucy suspecting it be due to time dilation. Everett and Lucy go on their way while Wren and Reynold check in with their parents briefly. As they head over, they encounter a dentist named Dr. Orel White who is waiting impatiently for someone to meet him near their house. Bitterly pushing the children aside. Dr. White goes to his appointment; Dr. White berates the person, a time wizard, for their tardiness. The quiet time wizard, however, pulls out a clock piece to activate a clock face portal on the ground. Both the dentist and time wizard jump into the portal to the twins' amazement. Dr. White suddenly jumps right back out, holding a small plush Grubbin doll; simultaneously, Grubbins began popping up in thin air all across the neighborhood. Just as Wren and Reynold can act, their Halloween costumes and candy bags disappear. Soon enough, a familiar-looking male adult calls out to the twins to follow him through a similar time portal.

Lucy and Everett’s House - The Future[]

Wren, Reynold, and the familiar adult all land into a living room of a house. The twins get greeted by another familiar female adult who reveals that they are Everett and Lucy in the future and are married. They quickly tell the twins to go grab some costumes from the outdoor shed. Upon donning the costumes, a flying drone detects them as 'costume violators'. The drone, however, is quickly taken out by a rogue crestwailer named Corvus. After receiving skills from Corvus, the kids go back into the house, where Lucy has the time portal reopened while Everett barricades the front door from guards outside. Lucy and Everett quickly explain that Dr. White used the grubbin doll he had stolen in the far past to release the Repugians to their world. Since then, he took over the town and banned everything Halloween forever. Wren and Reynold need to travel back through time and stop Dr. White from stealing the doll, the talisman, in the first place.

Backwater Bayou - The Past[]

Landing in Auburn Pines twenty years in the past, the twins meet Monty, a young 'redneck' boy, and gator farmer. He helps them out in finding the witches while dealing with mysterious minions called 'Kronys', the shards of the time wizard, Kronoculus, who are also looking for the talisman. The group also comes across a skeleton boy named Lil' Bones who bargains with them to get them a boat ride to the witches if they collect candy from all the houses. Just after they collect the candy, a boy wearing braces snatches the bag from them. The group chases him back to his home and learns that the boy is Orel White in his youth. He apologizes for stealing the candy, explaining that he never had candy nor gone trick-or-treating before since his mother forbade it. Just then, Mrs. White grabs the candy bag and throws it at the twins, lividly telling her son to get his teeth brushed again and threatens the group if they try to "spread the evils of Halloween" to her son ever again.

After getting the candy to Lil Bones with some other difficulties, the kids get their ride to the witches at their campgrounds. They meet the children, Dorian and Dorsilla, and their parents. The twins try in vain to warn them about Dr. White and Kronoculus coming to steal their talisman, only for Dr. White and Kronoculus to show up, snatch the doll, and remove a pin from the doll that releases a Grubbin. The twins confront Dr. White but Kronoculus intervenes. The twins and Monty defeat Kronoculus and retrieve the wizard's time-travel clock but Dr. White escapes back to the present with the doll. The parents are surprised about Kronoculus being set free from his time-proof cage, something that young Orel happens to eavesdrop from them.

The twins then return to the time portal but find it missing because they got the time clock now before adult Everett could get it originally, thus canceling out the events of him having come to get them originally. While they can't fix the clock, they get the idea of burying the clock and telling Monty to remember to tell Everett 20 years from then about the clock, so he could get the portal to reopen in the future. Reuniting with future Lucy and Everett, Wren and Reynold report about failing to stop Dr. White in the past. The Dr. White from the future era then storms into their house and orders Lucy to hand over the time clock, but Lucy destroys it instead to keep it out of his hands. Dr. White then has Lucy and Everett arrested and Wren and Reynold sent off to Tooth Academy.

Tooth Academy - The Future[]

At the academy, Wren and Reynold learn what was being taught to kids about Halloween and try in vain to tell the truth about it. They get sent to detention where they meet Halley, Lucy and Everett's daughter. Together, the kids get their costumes back and go rescue Lucy and Everett. After leaving, the kids fight principal, BoJimm, they escape into the sewers to an underground shelter where people can trick or treat as they like.

Dr. White's Dental Compound - The Future[]

After completing the last underground shelter quest, our heroes are given the key to Dr. White's Dental Compound and take down Dr. White's henchmen Orphirion. After, the kids are lead into the Dental Guard Headquarters, where Halley reunites with her parents unfortunately getting herself, Wren and Reynold caught in a cell during the process. The kids escape through a wall and end up in a sewer section containing various vents, pipes and a ladder with a note from Corvus attached to it. The kids climb the ladder and come out a Teeth Fountain letting our heroes into Dr. White's Main Compound.

Dr. White's Main Compound - The Future[]

After exploring the Compound and finding the costume pieces for the Ghost Costume, the kids use it to sneak into the Security Building and take down a Grubbin who's watching over the various jail cells via a console. Upon breaking the console let's Hailey's parents free as well as Kronoculus resulting in a rematch. After Kronoculus's defeat, Adult Everett and Lucy follow Wren, Reynold and Halley out of the building and head across the Compound fighting various monsters eventually leading to Dr White's Research Lab.

Dr White's Research Lab - The Future[]

Upon entry, our protagonists explore various lab rooms. One requiring the Ghost costume for entry, two requiring a key card and the last one requiring the Hotdog costume. Which is used to lure a Scientist out of the last lab, you battle him and head inside the lab to find and retrieve the Broken Clock. You break out through the back of the research lab and encounter Dr. White entering his Top Secret Warehouse via a retina scanner. Upon returning to Everett and Lucy, our protagonists head back to the past to recruit young Orel to get into the Warehouse.

Dr White's Top Secret Warehouse - The Future[]

After returning to the past, Reynold and Wren recruit Young Orel and together head back to Dr. White's Main Compound in the future. Our protagonists lead Young Orel to a retina scanner and head into Dr. White's Top Secret Warehouse where Dr. White is seen trick-or-treating. The group finds the talisman, but not to long after drop it in front of Dr. White. Upon retrieval, Dr. White spots them and the final battle commences. Ultimately, White is defeated and bemoans his loss on Orel, to which Orel only pities White for his miserly state and throws his headgear to the ground. Wren and Reynold then bring Orel back to his own time before returning to their time. When they come out, the twins see their parents celebrating Halloween with the reformed Repugians and a now-benevolent Orel White, due to the changes made in the past.

Changes from the original Costume Quest[]

  • Saving now regularly occurs after cutscenes, completing quests, or healing at fountains. The telephones used to save in the original game are not present.
  • When loading the game, the save file selection displays the player character, the amount of time spent on the game, and all costumes obtained.
  • Unless purchased through DLC, all costumes from Costume Quest are absent in Costume Quest 2.
  • Costumes can now be upgraded by purchasing a fourth costume piece from Shady.
  • On the PC version, hotkeys to switch between costumes have been removed.
  • Roller skates are no longer an exploration ability, but can instead be used by any costume.

Battle Mechanics[]

  • On the PC version, rather than using E, WASD, Shift, and Space, attacks use the number keys- the first character attacks using 1, the second 2, and so on.
  • Characters are no longer healed after battle. Players can heal by visiting a water fountain or eating 25 pieces of candy, both of which will fully restore their HP.
  • Fleeing a battle will now send the player to the last fountain used, rather than leaving them in the same spot in the overworld.
  • After reaching certain levels, the player can gain the abilities to strike multiple times in the same turn and to counterattack.
  • The special meter no longer charges by 1/3 at the end of each turn. Instead, it is charged up by attacking, counterattacking, and defending. A character's special meter retains its charge between battles.
  • Enemies are now classified as being Monster, Magic, or Tech. Each costume is strong against one of these categories and weak against another, which affects both damage dealt and received from the foe.
  • Battle Stamps have been removed.
  • Creepy Treat Cards are now given in-battle effects. The player can select three to equip during battle, which can be played during a character's turn. After being played, a Creepy Treat Card will have a one to five battle cooldown before it can be used again.



Bee and Puppycat as seen in game.


Raz as seen in game.

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