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The Candy Corn is a costume that makes a cameo appearance in Costume Quest on either Reynold/Wren depending on which player is chosen at the beginning of the game.

In Costume Quest 2, the costume can be equipped and used like any other normal costume in battle. When upgraded, it is referred to as the Chocolate Candy Corn.



Upon starting a new game, we meet Dr. White and Kronoculus) who take both Reynold and Wren's costumes and candy. Adult Everett shows up and takes them to his and Lucy's house from the future. Instructed to hurry, our heroes are told there are a couple of costumes stashed in the backyard shed they can borrow.

Upon opening the shed, Reynold and Wren open a chest containing the Candy Corn and Superhero costume's which are put on both characters immediately.

Costume Upgrade[]

The Candy Corn upgrade "Chocolate Candy Corn" can be purchased from Shady for

In Battle[]

Candy Corn can perform absolutely no actions during its turn, not even Creepy Treat Cards can be used. Instead, a close-up shot of Candy Corn will be displayed, with a random quote justifying its inaction.

However, Candy Corn is not completely useless in battle, as its high HP makes it useful to distract enemies from weakened teammates. Candy Corn has a higher chance of being targeted compared to regular costumes. Candy Corn can still defend and charge up the special meter for the character currently wearing Candy Corn, which will be retained if the character switches to another costume. After obtaining the ability to counterattack at level 6, Candy Corn can also counterattack, even though it is incapable of attacking directly.

In the final battle against Dr. Orel White, Candy Corn gains access to a combat special known as Glisten. Using this ability will stop White from charging up his attack.

Completing the game with one character wearing Candy Corn in every fight will award the achievement Hardcorn Mode.


Candy Corn has no exploration abilities. It shares this trait with Superhero, Wolfman, and Solar System.



  • Battle quotes for Candy Corn refer to Candy Corn as both "it" and "him".

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