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Bob Dickerson is the main antagonist from Costume Quest. The cunning, charismatic, and vicious ringleader of the Repugnians, Bob commands the horde of evil monsters to carry out their plot in time for Halloween when they will take over all of Auburn Hollow. To empower his minions, Bob posseeses a supply of nougat as a "promotion" for monsters who successfully complete their missions.


In his human disguise, Bob appears as a middle-age adult man with black hair, a red shirt, a greyish blue tie, two gold rings in both of his middle fingers, a gold watch on his left arm, dark brown pants with suspenders, grey socks and two light brown shoes.

In his true form, Bob is a short bipedal imp-like grubbin with yellowish green skin, red basins, two pupils on his right eye,small horns, clawed feet and clawed hands. Additionally in this form, Bob has two sets of teeth. A human-like front set with incisors and a universally sharp rear set.

In his monstrous form after consuming nougatt, Bob turns into a gigantic towering-sized muscular demon-like beast. In this form, he has a mouthful of teeth of all shapes and sizes, with buck insicivors in the middle and four canine fangs being much longer than most teeth. His skin becomes less yellowish, his yellow horns become longer, his claws grown bigger and grows a long spiked tail.