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Don't worry kids, you'll like it in my stomach!

—Big Bones

Big Bones is the final boss of Costume Quest, secondary final boss in Grubbins on Ice DLC and his younger self Li'l Bones in Costume Quest 2. He makes one appearance in each game through the series.

In Costume Quest, he's encountered during the final boss battle after Dorsilla summons him into Fall Valley, the final location Wren/Reynold and their friends explore. He has 4000 hp in his first stage, and then 1077 in his second stage. Big Bones does massive damage and it's recommended you try to block his attacks at all costs.

In Grubbins on Ice, he's encountered during the final boss fight alongside Araxia. Big Bones has 4000 hp but the fight revolves around defeating Araxia so Big Bones can't be attacked. Big Bones does massive damage and it's recommended you heal your party as soon as possible.

In Costume Quest 2, Big Bones isn't present. Li'l Bones however is introduced in the game and it's heavenly implied in game that he is the younger version of Big Bones. With Monty, saying "DANG! You look CADAVEROUS!" referencing the first game.


CQ Epilogue[]

Defeating Big Bones will roll a cut scene where Wren, Reynold, Everett & Lucy are counting their candy. Mom comes in and says that Everett and Lucy's parents say that their children can stay the night. Dad takes some of their candy and says "Dad Tax" before grabbing some more and leaving the room with Mom. The kids continue to count the candy and the camera zooms out the house, showing a black cat on top before the credits roll.


Costume Quest[]

After annoying Dorsilla enough after defeating her in battle, she'll re-enter battle and summon Big Bones. Dorian sends a message through a speaker which makes Big Bones ban Dorsilla from Repugia. Big Bones will either hit you with his scythe, which can be blocked, or summon 3 Grubbins, eat them, and then spit them out which cannot be blocked. Fight Big Bones enough and he'll begin stage 2.

You'll know when stage 2 begins because a cut scene will play where he breaks his scythe to reveal a bunch of candy and eat it. His eyes will glow and his health will go up to 1077 and his max health will go down to 1077. Here he attacks by spitting out candy. Once you have defeated him he will go back into the portal he came from.

Grubbins on Ice[]

Big Bones is seen relaxing throughout the final fight. Sometimes after Araxia attacks, a boulder will fall onto his head angering him. The following turn, Big Bones will attack with a candy roar affecting everyone in the player's party.