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"Baking is Best with Friends" is the first half of the fifth episode of Costume Quest. It premiered on March 8, 2019.


The kids enlist Norm to help with a secret mission at a family haunted house, but his awkwardness with the parents threatens to upend the entire spooky plan.


In his apartment above his shop, Norm is watching a cooking show and following along as the hosts bake a pie. Though his own pie comes out burnt, one of the hosts has the same problem, and they suggest cutting off the crust and decorating the pie with whipped cream instead. Relieved, Norm happily starts decorating his pie, still listening to the show. The hosts talk about how they appreciate their time together, and Norm joins in their catchphrase, "Baking is best with friends," only to sadly look around his apartment and realize he's alone.

At the Carver's home, Wren and Reynold are digging through Halloween decorations in preparation for their haunted house, reminiscing about past Halloweens. Thinking about how different this year's Halloween is with real monsters, Wren gets the idea to make their haunted house a trap to lure in Grubbins, hoping to take one prisoner to get information. Reynold has his doubts, but Wren still drags him out of the house and off to Norm's to put together a plan, meeting up with Everett and Lucy along the way.

Norm awkwardly tries to make excuses to get out of going to the Carver's home, trying to convince the kids he needs to watch the empty store. Reynold, picking up on Norm's shyness, asks him what's really the matter, and Norm admits he's worried about being seen as "weird" by the other adults at the party. Reynold assures him that everyone will love him, and the gang sets off for the Carver home, costumed and carrying trap supplies.

On the walk over, the kids happily discuss their costumes, but Norm remains nervously sweating. Gordon and Jackie are in the middle of putting up decorations when they arrive. Though Norm continues to feel anxious and out-of-place, the Carvers are friendly towards him, and Reynold tells Norm that he's doing great. Frustrated at the distraction, Wren rushes the group into the basement, where they look at Norm's blueprints for the traps. He assures the kids he'll be around to help with the complicated parts of building it, but Jackie enters the basement and calls him upstairs to show him more Halloween decorations.

The kids attempt to build Norm's contraption without his help, resulting in a shoddy attempt they declare "close enough". They pour nougat scent into a fog machine to lure a Grubbin to the house and head upstairs, where they find Norm and Jackie discussing a run-down decoration she made. Wren reminds Norm he was supposed to help set up the trap, but they're interrupted by the doorbell, announcing the arrival of the Chu and Nichols families.

The families chat for a bit, Lily commenting on Lucy choosing a different costume from the one she picked out, and Everett attempting to impress Benji with his Partystein costume, but still finding it hard to connect. Lucy and Everett are distracted from their familial issues with the arrival of a Grubbin dressed in an Abe Lincoln Jr. costume, while the adults head into the house to finish preparing a pie. Wren is irritated at Norm leaving them to work the trap on their own, but with the Grubbin ready to enter the house, they have no choice but to rush to their positions.

The bait works perfectly, but the pressure plate fails to release the cage, so the kids are forced to use their costumes to attempt to stop the Grubbin. Wren's Headless Horse-Wren costume lets her throw her head to snag the nougat from the Grubbin's hand, but it quickly retrieves it when her head crashes into a wall. Lucy shoots webbing with Black Widow costume, sticking the nougat to the wall, but her thread also trips Everett, Partystein's nachos spilling onto the floor. Reynold makes a final attempt to block the Grubbin, but his Ghost costume lets the Grubbin stick its hand right through him, grabbing the nougat and transforming.

In the kitchen, the Carvers take out their pie, only to find the crust has been burnt. Norm uses the trick he saw from his cooking show earlier, and shyly references Bakin' Betty's catchphrase, the rest of the adults joining in and bonding over their love of the show. Norm basks in his new friendships for a moment, but sees the kids chasing after a sliming Repugnian in the halls, and makes a hasty exit.

The Carvers follow Norm and the slime trail into the living room, where the Repugnian has crawled into Jackie's old decoration. Norm frantically pushes the Repugnian out the window, and manages to pass off the whole incident as an impressive special effects display. As the night wraps up, the Carvers invite Norm for a future gathering, but at Wren's insistence, he passes up the chance, promising the kids not to get distracted on future missions. Reynold reminds Norm that "it's only until Halloween", and Norm keeps a smile up as he bids everyone good night, before sadly walking home.




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