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Auburn Hollow is the main setting in Costume Quest. It is a seemingly plain, simple town known for its famous nougat candy. However, a sinister conspiracy of vile monsters lurks among the townsfolk, meaning no one is who they appear to be.

Locations in Auburn Hollow[]

  • Nougatown
  • Ol' Nougat Trail
  • City Hall
  • Lake Auburn
  • Auburn Hollow Museum

Buildings/Houses in Auburn Hollow[]

  • Norm's
  • The Carver's House
  • King Pawnbroker
  • Auburn Hollow General Dentistry
  • Donut Stuff
  • Gravestone Pizza
  • Jeepers Beepers (to the left of Norm's)
  • Mini Mart (to the left of Jeepers Beepers)
  • Need For Tweed
  • Video Zone
  • Auburn Hardware
  • Mac Guffin's
  • First Bank
  • Deli and Dentist
  • Donutstuff
  • Snak Pig
  • Nougatopia



  • The town was initially called "Auburn Pines" in early development, based on its video game counterpart.
  • The town's founder is "Mr. Scottopulous Auburn" as mentioned by Gordon Carver in Monsters in Our Midst.